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This is my personal blog regarding my thoughts and expressions of Joseph *Schillinger’s great treatise,

“The Schillinger System of Musical Composition”

My idea in creating this blog is to have an area where I can deposit my thoughts, impressions and discoveries as I study to learn the system and move forward through the learning process, not only to clarify the points from my own frame of reference but to also perhaps connect with others who may be experiencing the same thoughts,  challenges and excitement while studying to learn the system as well.

Daniel Leo Simpson

San Francisco Bay area



*Schillinger is pronounced with a ‘hard G’ as in: hun-ger

Published on December 16, 2008 at 10:17 pm  Comments (10)  

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  1. This is all very mysterious. I am afraid of this system now.

  2. Hello, I recently found people speaking very well of the schillinger method. How can I come in contact with this learning mehtod? I’m a jazz musician searching for better means to compose.

    Thank you.

  3. Hello Daniel, Congratulations on your wonderful work as a composer using the Schillinger System. I am writing you because I purchased the books 2 months ago, and although I consider to be somewhat musically literate with a masters in music composition; I am totally loss and clueless to the content in Schillinger’s book. Can you advise where I can get clarification that explains in layman’s terms? I ready and serious to learn this system. I am frustrated with having to keep re-reading the introduction chapters over and over and still with no understanding on my part.

    • Hi Ray – I have several students on WizIQ at http://www.wiziq.com/danielleosimpson
      You might want to watch that video although it leans toward the AP Music Theory exam it will at least introduce you to me ;). Then check my website at http://www.danielsimpson.com and also http://tinyurl.com/imslp-simpson. In this way you can see if you like what you hear. The lessons I give on WizIQ simply lean toward the students interest – if they tend toward wanting to incorporate the SS in their compositions, then that’s what we work toward. We use “Screen share” so you are actually seeing one of my compositions loaded in Sibelius right on your screen as we talk and see one another in this “virtual classroom”. It’s really a lot of fun. However I don’t mean to be presumptuous. You may not be interested and that’s fine. But the only way I go over Schillinger techniques is by discussing them within the context of my own compositions. Hope this helps!
      Warm regards,
      Daniel Léo Simpson
      San Francisco

  4. Thanks Daniel, I will get on board as per your response.
    See you in the “shared screen”
    Ray C. Bozeman

  5. Wonderful Ray – You are welcome to email me personally at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. I’ll only leave this email up temporarily for you since spammers are out there and will quickly capture this address. Once I hear from you I’ll remove it from here.
    Warm regards,
    Daniel Léo Simpson
    San Francisco

  6. I just listed a 1946 edition of Schillinger vol. 1 on Amazon if you are interested. Looks pretty facinating, but over my head.

    • It might be helpful to add the link here to the book you just listed.

  7. Hi, I’m acutally doing a research on Coltrane’s multi-tonics systeme and Schillinger System of Musical Composition has been mentioned several time while getting my information, and I would like to understand how both systems are related. Do you know any reference book where I could find this kind of information by any chance?

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