We cannot liberate ourselves by imitating a bird. The real way to freedom lies in the discovery and mastery of the principles of flight. Creation directly from principles, and not through the imitation of appearances, is the real way to freedom for an artist.

Musical instruments as well as musical forms go through their continuous evolution. It may happen that in the future neither finger agility nor sound-production will be necessary any longer.

Music becomes the mathmatics of the soul. (cf. Frank Lloyd Wright saying Architecture is the frame of the Soul)

True art, which can be defined as natural and organic art, has a general appeal and does not require any explanations, just as birds’ plumage, their singing, the murmur of a brook, leaves, mountains, glaciers, waterfalls, sunsets and sunrises do not require any explanation.

Depite the propaganda, the “isms” of art [Cubism, Modernism, Surrealism etc.) cultivate little more than hypocrisy in the semi-literate and pseudo-cultured strata of the population.

Art is organic when its form can be traced back to its organic source, as the winding staircase (Architecture) can be traced back to antlers, horns and cockleshells.

The ancient Egyptians and Greeks discovered the forms of organic art through the principle of “dynamic symmetry.”

Experimental artists, the “ism” makers like Picasso, Kandinsky, Klee, not to mention hundreds of their followers, are not bringing us a step closer to the evaluation of organic art forms. Many of these “modern” artists merely impose upon us their unsound, insane, feverish, dreamy and distorted hallucinations of an actuality given to us by nature to be consumed and enjoyed.

There should be one criterion in art and art appreciation: its sanity as revealed in its organic quality, that is, its life, and ultimately – growth.

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